Welcome to The Beauty Diary_365, here you will find beauty, hair, lifestyle tips and inspiration. Dominque loves inspiring women to love their natural beauty no matter how damaged, short or kinky the curl is. Together we can help women feel beautiful with their natural beauty. Together we can change the perception that natural is “ugly or too nappy”. I am beautiful, you are beautiful, she is beautiful, WE are beautiful.

The Beauty Diary_365 was created by Dominque in December 2016. The social channels were created as a way for Dominque to track her personal hair journey. The social channels soon changed from personal growth to being a platform for women of color with coils and kinks.It did not take long before The Beauty Diary_365 grew into a platform for over 15,000 women cross the world who are  looking for hair tips, tutorials and encouragement. Dominque wanted to help women feel beautiful with their natural self and show the power and beauty of women of color.

Ask the social channels grew Dominque wanted to find a way to bring more and more naturals together. Dominque also started West Coast Naturals events in October of 2017. The first event took place in The Bay area which was a major success. Many friendships, partnerships and pure support came from this event. You will see West Coast Naturals hitting Santa Barbara CA in April 2018. Dominque hopes by the end of 2018 she can add another section of The Beauty Diary_365, maybe a haircare line?

Continue to follow to see what else Dominque will come up with,  who knows we might come to a city near you!